Music Friends BCS e.V. (Förderverein)

About us 

We are an independant, state registered volunteer association founded by parents in 2015 in line with our charter and the Berlin Cosmopolitan School’s mission.

Dr. Henry Weiser (Chairman/Vorsitzender)
Sophie Schackmann (Vice Chairman/stellvertretende Vorsitzende)
Sandra Poorhosaini (Treasurer/Schatzmeisterin)
Ben Salsbury (Secretary/Schriftführer) 

I became a friend because… 

I want to take an active part in the school community and demonstrate to my children the importance I place on their education. My decision for "Friends of BCS" is a commitment to the school my children attend. 
Eva Knorr, antropologist and mother of Levi, Leo, Eli and Emma)

I am a member because I like to be part of the process of creating the environment in which my children learn and live. 
(Hans-Werner Meyer, actor and father of Callum and Duncan)

I became a "Friend" because I wanted to join in with other parents and students to support projects strengthening our school community. 
(Doreen Plischkaner, general manager Berlin Mobil, mother of Leonie and Hedi)

Charta (German)
20160615 Satzung Friends of BCS.pdf (125.67KB)
Charta (German)
20160615 Satzung Friends of BCS.pdf (125.67KB)